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1 August: Saturday

La Quinta, California: The first day of August! It's been a long COVID haul, y'all. 126 blog posts in a row without a break. Probably not a world record, but that is really a lot of blog posts when 80% of the the 126 days we didn't do a whole-heck-of-a-lot? We are thinking of taking a day of rest tomorrow. So needed, and, honestly, deserved.

The least-used room is, of course, the first room finished. (I would like to say the Paris Powder Room was the first room finished, but we are still waiting for the waste bin!) After the techs moved the massive television from the living room yesterday, we were able to move our altar cabinet to that space. DT patched and painted the holes in the wall yesterday, and today he was able to place a painting over the cabinet.

It is coming together!

We went to the RV today, made sure the air conditioners were still operating (whew!), and went through every cabinet to double-check we had everything we needed at the new house. We have been living in the bus for nearly a year, and - not knowing how long we would be in the RV when we left pre-pandamic Portland last September - let's just say: there was a lot of stuff in the bus.

On Monday, our casita furniture (which will now become our veranda furniture!) will be moved over to our new house. The golf cart also needs to get here. It probably could get here on it's own power (our bikes as well), but we may have our golf cart guy bring it over.

Appetizer plate tonight - shot on the top of Taiwanese blue & white porcelain garden stool, sitting on the blue Persian carpet in the family room.

I boiled 1/2 cup of barley this morning, and it created about three cups of cooked grain! Amazing. I put half of the cooked barley in the fridge for a soup Monday (I also boiled-up the bones from the roasted chicken this morning to make stock), and used the other half of the barley for an odd salad for dinner tonight. Dressed in a simple vinegar+oil dressing, the salad consisted of barley, canned garbanzo beans, red onion, tomato, green onion, cucumber, Kalamata olives, dill, and feta cheese crumbles. Kinda like a Greek Salad, except chopped small like an Israeli salad. The combo was great, served with the left-over (cold) chicken from last night.

The left-over salad, and a bit of chicken, were tossed together for our lunch tomorrow. The rest of the chicken will go into the soup for Monday. Pizza Margarita Sunday!

Another beautiful day at the country club! Maybe one day, we will actually play the course? We are members, purchasing the membership along with the house in a package deal.

Until my next update, I remain, your "resting" correspondent.

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