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I’m Still Here

La Quinta, California: Dear Reader, it seems a week has gone by without a post from your Favorite Goddess. Sorry, not sorry. Though I would love to write we have just visited a wonderful restaurant or museum, had a dinner party, hiked to the top of a waterfall, or even visited friends... but I am afraid none of these things have occurred. We are still so locked-down (self-choice), and just doing our usual thing. Few snowbirds have yet to return to our country club, so few neighbors. Quiet around here.

There has been a huge development in our RV engine repair situation in Eugene. Our engine is not as bad as so many others have been. We know (way too) many Country Coach owners who have had their Cummins engine fail completely. The costs for these repairs have ranged from (just the owners we know) $8,000 to $65,000 (not a typo!). Apparently the thingy that fails in this engine isn't looking too bad in our case, but the valve will be replaced anyway (or we would never ever ever ever be able to trade-in/sell our bus, as it is a known issue in this engine model). We are looking at a fat repair bill from Cummins (click the amazon link to the top right every five minutes and buy something, okay?), but we so lucked-out in this situation. Now we are just waiting for the parts to be delivered (in stock!) and the replacement to be installed... then they are going to drive our bus around for a while (?)... and then - heads up Gina and Steve - we will head north to fetch our beautiful motorhome and drive her back to La Quinta. Hopefully - weather allowing - we will take the long way, and maybe even go on a vacation? Our last hotel trip north was such a disaster, but we think a nice long drive from Portland to SoCal in our RV could be fun? We will see... as we still have no idea when our bus will be ready to roll.

It would be a great time to get out of Dodge, as they are scalping our golf course now and clouds of dust will soon be flying. Since we knew the golf course would be closing for a month, we have playing golf like it is our job. Every-other day or so... and DT goes out on his own sometimes as well. We played this hole (#12, Par 3) Sunday and it was a lush, soft, deep green carpet of loveliness. Today:

All 18 greens have been scalped. And by scalped, I mean, shaved-down to a #1 on your barber shears.

Also, several streets in this development are being re-paved. Streets are closed off and on throughout the country club. DT is having a fun time trying to find a route for his bicycling route. I can easily jog around these stinky blockages.

I have done something to my left knee. It was giving me fits after playing golf September 3rd at Ghost Creek in Portland. Then I really put my knee into over-drive during the whole "squatting-down-to-your-butt-on-the-ground" during the a little bit softer now segment of the wedding dance party two days later. (Hey, I'm old, but I can dance to SHOUT like it's my job... while wearing heels.)

Sure you have heard this before, but we lived in Eugene while Animal House was filmed. We are old.

I've been icing the knee - and drinking icy martini's - but have still been walking/jogging/golfing and my knee is finally feeling better. So happy it wasn't something more serious.

Dinner tonight: the last tomato from Sister Gina's garden. It was perfectly ripe, completely red throughout and sweeter than sugar. I made this potato salad, and DT grilled Italian chicken sausages. Nice meal.

The Oregon Ducks have been winning football games, the San Francisco Giants have been winning baseball games. We are caught-up with Ted Lasso.

Until my next update, I remain, your icy correspondent.

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  1. So VERY glad your engine repair is a pleasant surprise ~ count your lucky stars!

    As for Portland to Indio… We just spent a very long weekend in the greater Fresno area (Shaver Lake), but the smoke was like a brown fog that wouldn’t clear. No ash, no smoke smell, but we had headaches for the entire time we were up there (yeah…we probably should have sat in the coach, with the AC on…but what’s the fun of that?). So if your planning on driving back anytime soon, bring an oxygen tank…or two!

    Hope your knee gets to 100% very soon!!!

  2. Could you please share the issue with your Cummins engine? We are full time in a 2016 Tiffin Allegro Bus with 450 hp. I think you are running 600,?
    Should we be concerned with Cummins?

    1. We have a Cummins isx650. Issue is only with these older engines. Our bus is 13 years old. I am not an expert, but I think you are good.

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