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Sedate Saturday

Newport, Oregon: Not a lot to report today, Dear Reader. Sometimes, a Goddess needs a day off. We went to bed early last night and woke early this morning. By the time we had finished our coffee, the fog had rolled-in! I take Saturday off, but My Driver ventured out to the beach and said the fog was so thick at times, he couldn't see his feet... and then five minutes later, he could see the lighthouse.

The Oregon coast in August.

We are leaving Newport in the morning, so some of our day was getting ready for the departure, and then a very good part of our day was repairing/cleaning/fixing our cooktop. Again. We have a two-burner "Gourmet Princess" propane cooktop, and have replaced it once. Lately, we have have been having trouble getting the dang lighter/clicker to stop clicking after the burner is lit. I googled to learn the burners/knobs may need to be deep cleaned. I was trying to clean, except I could still not get the clicker to stop clicking, and I was getting shocked every time I went in there with a Q-Tip to clean the heads.

Our tech, Brian Van De Walker, to the rescue! Though it took him a while (sent a text later) to remember where the cooktop fuse was located (under the kitchen sink, of course!), he told me to just pop-off the stove knobs to stop the clicking, and thus stopping the electronic zapping and thus stopping me getting zapped every time I touched the element. I was well-into the deep cleaning when Dave returned, and we did get one burner to fire-up on demand and the other burner to fire-up with a match. #campinglife. We will hobble along for the rest of this trip... knowing full-well we will be not dining in restaurants much/at all.

A sandwich can be dinner.

We read/New York Times crossword puzzled much of the afternoon, and then watched the Diamond League track meet from Paris. We could/would have been there. Except not. Next time? Next year?

Appetizers tonight - served with wine - consisted of brie and baguette, tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed herbed olives, and warm rosemary cashews.

Should have stopped there, except yesterday DT bought two local rock fish fillets ($3 each!) and asked that I prepare them like the fish he enjoys in Mazatlán: sautéed in butter and garlic. Sure, I can do that.

In Mazatlán, the fish is served with rice, so tonight I served the fish with rice. In Mazatlán, the fish is served with soggy carrots and broccoli. Tonight, I served the fish was sautéed onion, cilantro, jalapeno, red pepper, and corn-off-the-cob. Good combo.

Our grandchildren surfed today north of Los Angeles and saw dolphins. And baby sharks.

Until my next update, I remain, your FINS UP correspondent.

RV PARK: Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort - We have a full hook-up 50 amp site and this resort has everything, including indoor and outdoor pools and beach access. We are paying $120 per night.

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  1. If possible, you might consider an induction cooktop. SO much nicer than propane.

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