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Lisa is 40

TrackTown, USA: While we are coming-down from our track meet high from yesterday and are prepping to head over to the Oregon coast for a week, Our Girl is in Mexico celebrating her 40th birthday with a group of friends. (Lenny is in Los Angeles with the kids.)

I understand some parents get freaked-out when their kids turn 40... or 50... or receive Medicare, but I feel parents are blessed to be able to see their kids reach these milestones, and we have been so blessed to have this incredible girl in our lives for 40 years. Our loving girl has brought us nothing but joy - and then she brought us Lenny, Leo, and Lucile! All of this from four pushes in The Philippines 40 years ago:

Obviously, I was 12.

Lisa showed up around 6:30p and we went home (three blocks from Makati Medical Center) the next morning. We figured (we were young and knew everything/nothing) if anything went wrong, we could just walk back to the hospital. We never had to walk back.

And here she is (green cap) - in another colonized by Spain country, celebrating her 40th with her besties. We have facetimed several times and the kids are having so much fun. (By they way: I was invited to join, but declined. Who wants their MOM at their 40th birthday bash?)

We are heading over to the coast tomorrow morning, so went to stock-up on groceries, so we can hunker-down. The grocery store was too crowded. Though signs were clearly posted EVERYWHERE outside/inside the grocer that customers had to wear a mask at all times, some flat-earthers in Eugene either can't read or feel rules do not apply to them. (Sad thing, nearly every non-mask-wearer I saw today was MY age!) The grocery employees are not allowed to ask the non-compliers to put on a mask. What? Why not? Why can't they tell them to leave the store? In Oregon, at this time, it is a state-wide mandate to wear a mask indoors.

Carriage return.

New paragraph.

I cooked a real meal this evening. Appetizer, salad, entrée.

Appetizers were not too inspired. Sorry.

We did have our cocktails outside, in our camp chairs.

Salad was heirloom tomatoes with kalamata olives and red onion, and the last of the basil/garlic vinaigrette.

Dinner tonight, Chicken with Orange, Cream and Tarragon, was a bit ambitious for a RV kitchen, but I downsized the recipe to one pound of chicken tenders, one cup of orange juice, 1/4 cup of cream (no chicken stock at all), one segmented orange as garnish... and the rest of the ingredients were basically the same. I'm pushing 70, and have never, ever, in my entire life felt tarragon tasted of licorice. To me, it tastes of tarragon.

This recipe was pretty nice, and we have plenty for lunch tomorrow.

Until my next update, hopefully from Newport, I remain, your pushy correspondent.

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  1. My daughter, my oldest just turned 39 on the 21st. How did that happen so quickly?!! I too, was 12 😂

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