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Lucile is Seven

TrackTown, USA: How did our darling girl turn seven? Second grade and a birthday in the same week? Too much. Lucy is just the sweetest girl and we are both so smitten with her witty comments, and how - just like her brother - Lucy is so focused on everyone being happy. This is a great trait - one that our grandchildren get from both parents (especially their dad).

Before I delve into our day and Lucy's birthday photos, I need to post photos from the First Day of School on Monday for Leo and Lucile:

Weren't they born just ten minutes ago?

Lucile began her day by opening one gift before school and eating (usually not allowed) sugary cereal. Gifts were focused on Harry Potter (books and Lego sets). We gave her a neoprene suit for surfing (!) - both kids now have surf boards and are going to the beach to surf many weekends. Lucy received a little Star of David necklace this morning and wore it to school today. She is wearing the necklace in the above photo - and it matched her dress - but may be too small to be seen above. Happy Birthday, Dear Lucy!

Because it was her birthday, her teacher gave a homework-free night for all students, and they had a dance party in the classroom - with Lucy dancing on the teacher's chair. P A R T Y !

The grandparents woke late and and drove to Pre's Trail to walk/jog for our daily exercise. Like nearly every dang thing in this town having to do with running, the trail system is named after famed Oregonian and famed Duck runner Steve Prefontaine. I had a double goal today by visiting Pre's Trail: 1) to workout 2) to see famous athletes working out. On any given day when there is a big meet in town - for sure - you will see famous Olympic athletes, world-record holders, gold medalist, etc., jogging along the trail system between the University of Oregon campus and the football (Autzen) stadium. Dang. Not today. The only athlete I witnessed was My Own DT. Four-time All-American and 2x National Championship Cross Country team member (1973 with Steve Prefontaine). Dave was slogging along today, but he was still out there, doing it.

I had my phone so was able to snap a few photos of the pretty trail system.

Was the trail smiling at me today?

Autzen Stadium (the football stadium) was being pressure-washed. Oregon v Fresno State - September 4th!

I made bruschetta (from the left-over tomato from our lunch sandwiches) for our appetizer tonight. SUPER GARLIC! SUPER DELICIOUS!

Dinner was grilled rosemary lamb chops (DT's realm), peppers stuffed with rice and mushrooms, and steamed green beans.

Between the bruschetta and the lamb, vampires will not be visiting us this evening.

After dinner, we sat outside to cool off:

In Los Angeles, Lucy enjoyed her Harry Potter themed birthday cake:

Until my next update, I remain, your missing Lucile correspondent.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet Lucile🎉
    Your dinners are so perfect….. surely your Dave appreciates you hugely!!

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