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La Quinta, California: It's been quiet on this blog. Two Words: Jury. Duty. Proud to be able to serve, but get so frustrated with the procedure. With all our technology, why can't I wait around for three hours at home instead of in a hard chair in the jury waiting room? Thank goodness I am a needlepointer and always keep a "purse project" with me. There is only so much HGTV a room full of 100 people should have to watch in a day. PS: Just don't break the law, okay?

Other than my civic duty, there has been some golfing. We played with Debbie & Mark last week at Eagle Falls.

High school teammates

Though Dave and I worked on a 1000-piece puzzle for a week with our grandchildren were here for Spring Break, they had to return to LA for this thing called school, so the puzzle was left uncompleted. Dang, it was a tough one. It took Dave and I another week to complete the project. Mostly, I wanted the kitchen table back!


If you need to purchase a gift for someone you really do not like, may I suggest this puzzle?

A hummingbird has built a nest in the exact same spot in the exact same teeny pool-side palm this year. There are two tiny (olive pit sized) eggs. Hard to determine in this photo, but the nest is about two-inches wide. Very very small.

Hummingbird nest

And though the bathroom or kitchen remodels are on hold (waiting for plana/appliances), the outdoor living space is shaping up. If you recall, we had the ugly stained-brown concrete around our swimming pool jackhammered out and had pavers installed. Arnold did a fantastic job, but when our old BBQ island was returned to it's space... well, it looked old and tired and dirty and yucky. Arnold said he would build us a new one, using the same BBQ grill (as it is fine and nice and fairly new). I asked for a one-burner gas burner and... after six weeks... the new outdoor "kitchen" is ready!


Arnold, who loves spending our money, installed a porcelain countertop. He claims it is the new thing. Apparently worry-free? I don't know, but it is very pretty.

The porcelain has grey- and gold-tinged veins running throughout
Burner close-up

And finally, after living here nearly three years, we added an outdoor rug to our outdoor space for some color and area definition. Lisa thinks it looks Moroccan?

It was the only outdoor rug I could find with tan and blue. It's fine.

Things should get more exciting now that I've been released from jury duty (for 12 months). We are planning a weekend trip away, and will then have the grandkids for two weeks. Until my next update, I remain your patio-perfect correspondent.

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  1. With Arnold you not only get a great contractor but also a designer!
    I remember when you built the casita you commented that Arnold had a real talent for choosing materials! Worth every $$
    BTW the new rug adds a great pop of color to the patio. Nice job!

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