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Sunday Funday

Las Vegas, Nevada: With dinner reservations our only plan for the day, we had a more relaxing day and didn’t walk 5000 miles. We slept late, lingered over coffee and watched golf on television before heading to “breakfast” at the food court in the Aria hotel. The stalls in this emporium are a bit nicer than one you would find in a suburban mall. We had a sandwich from the famed Wexler’s Deli in Los Angeles and tried the cheesy hash browns from Egghead.

The pastrami is cured and smoked in-house.
Shredded potatoes stuffed with Pecorino.

Everything was very delicious. Though we shared, much of the food went to waste. So sad. Too much food. But the salty cheesy treats were just what was needed after our too-late-too-much-boozy night with Mr. Buffett.

We worked-off our meal by walking to the M&M store to purchase green and yellow peanut candies. (Grandchildren are visiting over their spring break.) After that ridiculously expensive endeavor, we walked back to our hotel via the Crystal Shops. We visited Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent, AND Dior. Just looking. Couldn’t afford a thing after buying peanut M&Ms… or should that be M$Ms???

This statue hasn’t made an appearance on this blog in a while. She is called Bliss Dance.

As this was our last night in Las Vegas, and our last night with family, we went all out with dinner at Bardot (our traditional last night in Vegas spot) with My Brother and Kris. Bardot is simply fantastic and they didn’t mind that we lingered one hour with our cocktails before ordering. Escargot. Salmon Rillettes. Then fine wines, steak frites and short ribs. Apple and chocolate desserts. It was almost like being in Paris?


Such a fun evening. Another night in the family memory bank that will somehow be re-remembered to become even more epic than it was. Time with family is so precious.

Some comments on the weekend: Though Jimmy’s show was sold-out and many people were in costume (typical grass skirt and coconut shell bra), people were not as crazy as past years - as his Vegas shows are known for being wild. Maybe, just like the singer, his fans are getting older. We don’t party like we used to? On previous weekends, the Tommy Bahama store in the Forum Shops piped Jimmy Buffett music over their sound system. Not this year. The statue of Caesar, standing across the street from the Margaritaville restaurant, always sported a flower lei around his neck. Not this year.

Until my nest update, hopefully from La Quinta, I remain, your Changes in Latitudes correspondent.

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  1. A great escape from regular life no matter how nice it is.
    We can always use some diversions…. and Vegas is a good one!
    All the food sounded lovely and made me hungry.
    Hope your going home to sunny weather!

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