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Worst Date Night Ever?

Things have been a bit busy around Taylor Manor this week. We are arranging, re-arranging, organizing, Goodwill-ing, cleaning, stacking, packing, shedding, shredding and other-wise going through closets and purging. Big Time.

You all know - it's just gotta be done. Especially for RVer's. If you can live in a RV for months at a time, you come to realize you have too much stuff in your house.

Which brings us to today - Wednesday... or as DT calls it "the first time Terry has left the property since Sunday". It is true. I have not left home for days. Though DT and my friends think it strange, I could remain at home for a week if not for the need of a pedicure or manicure. Why go out? I've been busy organizing (and exercising).

Just keep moving!

But tonight we had a date. We were going to try the new cinematic wonder - Cinetopia- a state-of-the-art movie theater featuring huge HD screens, with cocktails, beer & wine served in the recliner-filled theaters. What more could a RV Goddess ask for? Booze. Feet up. A good movie.

I'm there!

I purchased tickets for the 7:30p showing of Hope Springs on-line ($18.50 each, which I pretty-much thought must be New York City prices... except these seats were basically Baraloungers with wine-glass holders). We arrived to the theater restaurant at 6 o'clock - 90 minutes before our movie show time - and we were seated at a lovely table along the window with a great view overlooking Progress Ridge (Douglas Fir-filled hillside).

And we waited.

And we waited.

And we waited.

We sat at our table for the longest time. We sat at our table while the table next to us were seated. We waited while the table next to us had their drink order taken. We waited while the table next to us had their drinks delivered. We waited while the table next to us had their dinner orders taken.

It was about this time (30 minutes after we had been seated), a cute young thing came to our table - apologized for the wait - and asked if we were ready to order our drinks.

Ready? I am usually a very calm and polite person, but this time I told the girl we did not appreciate that people seated after we were seated had already received their drinks and we hadn't yet been offered. She was quite flippant (!) in her apology, but we are way too nice and ordered two drinks and went ahead and ordered our meals (two appetizers) as we figured this could be the only time we saw our waitress all night.

Thanks so much, I'll get your order right back to the kitchen.

I am not even joking, 30 minutes later, there was not an $11 martini sitting in front of me. We had been in the restaurant one hour and had not received a drink. Even in the fanciest place in France, they can get you a cocktail in 20 minutes. What was going on?

At the one hour mark, our server (I swear she must have turned 21 yesterday) came to tell us (AND I QUOTE), I'm going to be honest with you - the bar is really backed-up and it is going to be a while before I can bring your drinks.

A martini and a beer? (Would this be a good time to mention the restaurant was approximately 3/4 full?)

She also suggested our dinner orders should be changed to the "to go" option where the food could be ordered on special trays that slipped-into cup-holders - so you could eat dinner in the theater.


We cancelled our drink order. We cancelled our dinner order. I walked out to the theater lobby and asked the manager for our money back for our $18.50 movie tickets.

We walked down the block to another restaurant and had decent salads - and a great martini (delivered to our table less than 5 minutes after I ordered the drink!).

During dinner, DT confessed he would rather have knitting needles stabbed into his eyes before watching Hope Springs.

Maybe it was a great date night after all.

Until my next update, I remain, your disappointed correspondent.