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Weekend Update

Thayne, Wyoming: Dave and I are in Thayne visiting his Mom and her friend, Gene. Our activities have mostly been indoors because it has been pouring rain since Friday night. I had to find my stored sweaters and socks. The radiant tile floor heaters in our RV are set to "high". I've been told Thayne is in a huge valley - the Star Valley - with mountains to the west and east - but because of the low clouds, I cannot confirm this geographic or geologic fact.

Our drive yesterday from Montpelier was beautiful though - the rain has made the rivers and creeks full. We saw many beaver dams and plenty of deer. We stopped for breakfast in Afton, Wyoming.

Afton is home to the World's Largest Elkhorn Arch.

We had a decent breakfast at the Elkhorn Cafe, positioned under the arch. Just the usual breakfast menu of eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, etc... but I found something called a Spud Melt - hash browns with onions and peppers, with cheese.

Get in my belly!

This gut-bomb usually comes with eggs, but I declined. Such a martyr.

Our situation in Thayne is in a massive RV resort, the Star Valley Ranch Resort, (about fifty miles south of Jackson) that has few residents year-round and does not open to the public until May 15. Most sites are privately owned and are used seasonally by reversing snow birds. There are many park models.

The night we arrived, Gene and Mom threw a little Welcome Party in our honor. Gene cooked THREE chickens and three slabs of ribs in a barrel for about three hours - smoking them - for their 12 guests. It was just divine - and Dave's Mom also prepared a Cheesy Polenta Casserole and a huge salad with pears, avocados, greens and slivered almonds. She also baked a chocolate cake! We really enjoyed meeting their friends.

We spent today on a driving tour of the area and again had a home made meal prepared by Dave's Mom - roasted salmon. Mom had been having trouble with her computer and I was able to straighten-out her concerns, so she is once again able to get email and read this website. Important!

I promise to take a few photos of Mom tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your freezing correspondent.

RV PARK: Star Valley Ranch Resort - hundreds of sites for rent or sale. Seasonal. Pool, activities, golf course, clubhouse, free wifi. We have a long gravel pull-through with full-hookups and 50 amp service. Cable TV. We are paying $30 per night.