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Weekend Recap

My Driver and I have returned home (once again). Surprised we can still remember where we live. We had a super-fun-filled weekend camping at Nehalem Bay State Park on the Oregon coast with our Family of Friends and the weather was incredibly cooperative most of the time. I signed-off on Friday with the sad dilemma of not being able to hook-up with the TV satellite due to a poorly-placed tree. So many people in our little camping group were depending on us to watch the Oregon v Nicholls State game. There was only one thing to do: Kyle (right, Woody & Kathy's #4) with the crab and his roommate, Ryan (left) - crab catchers

The strong young men even went crabbing to provide nourishment during the game. They only caught one crab, but it was a monster.

Crab claw

they received a $450,000 paycheck for flying out to Oregon. Still - even if the payola allows Nicholls State to fund women's basketball, softball and baseball - it can't be fun to lose by 63 points. Ouch. Meanwhile... at Autzen Stadium... the boys were enjoying their own tailgate and our game tickets: Jake, Alex & Brandon

Woody was overly considerate to the International Travelers this weekend. Knowing we (and Kathy) would be arriving from Europe just the day before the camping trip, he volunteered to serve dinner to us every night. Dave and I only had to bring a few things for breakfast and snacks! Woody grilled chicken Friday night, served three-bean chili after the game and Penne Sugo (from Mingo restaurant in Beaverton, Oregon) Sunday night. Woody is a fabulous cook and he really went out of his way to make gourmet campfire meals for all of us! Thank you, Woody!

Kathy & Woody on the beautiful Oregon coast

The weather was simply spectacular Sunday. No clouds, no wind - really unusual for the Oregon coast, and not our usual luck while camping on Labor Day Weekend on the coast. Many in our group walked two miles down the beach to pretty Manzanita and had lunch at the Sand Dune Pub.

Grilled cod tacos at the Sand Dune Pub

After lunch, we reversed our course and strolled back to the campsites.

Kari (#2) with her son, Will (18 months)

It was fun camping with a toddler! Will enjoyed the beach, the sand, the water, having all his family doting over him, playing with the dogs, playing with buckets, sticks and eating all sorts of foods that I imagine he is not normally allowed. (Heck, isn't the best part of camping?) I think Will (and his parents) is very happy Grandma is home from England.

Kathy feeding a deer

When Grandma wasn't caring for her grandson, she was caring for the wild critters in the campground.

Our RV turned-over 40,000 miles on the way back to Portland. She is tidied and waiting for the next tailgate. Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.