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Website update

I have been busy all week moving recipes from The Camping Journal website to RVGoddess.com. All the recipes are now on-line! The pages containing information for organizing your RV kitchen, items we recommend for your pantry... and my personal food philosophy have also been posted. Whew.

Next week, I will be posting all my otherrecipes (that are maybe not so RV-friendly, but delicious just the same). In the meantime, I am slowly getting the travel information moved from The Camping Journal to this site.

In my spare time... we are preparing for an invasion of family and friends - including our own Lovely Daughter (and Grand Dawg). Lots of fun and cooking in the next few weeks - and another RV trip. (And another track meet!) The driveway has been pressure-washed, landscaping pruned, we are painting the family room.

And there is a squirrel living in our attic.

You all know I am a big animal lover... but I really do not like these little red squirrels. And I draw the line with one living in our house. 

We have been fighting squirrels for years, but since we lost our beagle, the little critters seem to have reproduced at an alarming rate. While we were away, one made a nest in our attic. Now she probably has a mess-o-babies up there. I hate really dislike squirrels, but I can't bring myself to kill little baby squirrels (or their momma), even though I know they will only grow up to plot their return to our attic. We called the "critter gitter". He claims to remove squirrels "humanly".

Stay tuned.

Until my next update, I remain, your squirrely correspondent.