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Waiting Around in Eugene

TrackTown, USA: We had an 8a appointment for our bus coolant hoses to be repaired and plumbed back to the original status after our breakdown July 8. Plus, Cummins would perform the annual engine and generator servicing. They predicted this work to take one full day. The routine: customers leave their RV early in the morning, the mechanics look-over the work and then give the customer a call with a cost/time estimate for a verbal yes or no. Didn't happen quite that way for us today.

Knowing we had a full day to occupy ourselves, we first went to grab coffee and food at the 5th Street Public Market. I went inside and grabbed breakfast, while DT found an outside table next to a bubbling fountain.

Avocado Toast at Provisions

We then took a walk around campus. While Eugene has seemed very busy and crowded the past two weeks, today it was a ghost town. Parking was very available! I needed to visit a needlepoint shop (Mindy's) to purchase fiber, so it was back to the 5th Street Public Market (as Mindy does not open until ten o'clock). Cummins had yet to phone us with an estimate on time or money. I told Dave I'd just be a minute, but he knows me better and knows I will never be in a needlepoint shop for less than 30 minutes, and let's face it - I haven't been to an actual needlepoint shop for nearly three years. Everything I have stitched has been ordered on-line during the pandemic. Mindy had what I needed and had a new canvas that I certainly did NOT need, but came home with me anyway. As I left the shop, Cummins phoned Dave, explaining we didn't need to replace every hose on the bus, just the rear hoses. They would perform the lube, oil, filter today and would tackle the hose-job in the morning. We would be able to have our bus overnight (it is our hotel).

We killed more time by walking around the new Gordon Hotel area of the 5th Street Public Market complex where a new statue of legendary Duck runner Steve Prefontaine has been displayed during the World Championships.

Go Pre!

Not exactly sure of the likeness-factor, but so many people were posing to have their photos taken in front of the statue and people had left flowers, medals and their old stinky sneakers as tribute. More walking. More walking. Lunch at an outdoor café then back to Cummins for the bad news. They can't repair the hoses tomorrow, but they can the second week in August. Yeah, us. As Jimmy would say:

We've gotta roll with the punches
Learn to play all of our hunches
Make the best of whatever comes your way.

We were able to secure a few more nights at Premier RV Resort and we were able to secure our favorite RV tech, Brian Van De Walker, for Tuesday and Wednesday, so that's what's-what for now. We will head to Portland for a few weeks - we have a wedding to attend - then return for the hose repair. I may not post for a few days, unless you are super interested in new batteries and slide room floor repairs?

Until my next update, I remain, your idle correspondent.