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Visiting My Cousin

Boise, Idaho: Another travel day, and Sweet Reader, it was a Witch (with a "B") of a day on the road. I-84 west with 35mph winds, always hitting our motorhome from the south, making My Strong Driver grip the wheel, fighting to keep all 55,000 pounds of us in our lane. DT had to slow to 55mph much of the time. Idaho is starting to install wind turbines, but me thinks they could power the entire western US if needed.


So miserable, in fact, we left our campsite before 9 o'clock this morning. No exercise. No showers. Stow and Go.

Our only touristing today was to a historical site adjacent to Massacre Rock State Parkwhere pioneers on the Oregon Trail carved their names on a rock along the Snake River. Early day graffiti, tagging or vandalism - true... but I am so happy the settlers left their signatures along Register Rock. This area was the site of a several-day-long Shoshone attack in 1862, where many pioneers lost their life. The rock formations became known as Massacre Rock and was a point of superstitious fear for later travelers.

NOTE FOR RVers: There is a turn-around at Register Rock, but we did not feel our RV could make the turn, so we parked on the road outside the display. Any RV below 30 feet would have no trouble with the turn-around. There is an entrance fee for vehicles. The small park has lawn with picnic tables, restrooms and awesome views to the river below.

Is it ironic that wagon train graffiti and vandalism is now protected from modern graffiti and vandalism by chain link fencing?

So many pioneers carved their names and date on this huge rock above the Snake River.

1882 seems like forever ago, but in reality it was only around fifty years before my parents were born.

Another interesting rock near Register Rock holds a painting of a Native American warrior. It was carved in 1866 by seven-year-old J.J. Hansen. Hansen returned to the site from his (Portland, Oregon) home in 1908 to sign his masterpiece:

Finally, around three o'clock we arrived in Boise and have situated ourselves in a fine campsite near the county fairgrounds. Time for exercise and showers and then we headed out to meet my Boise cousin, Lori, and her husband for dinner at Bella Aquila Ristorante in Eagle, Idaho.

On my Dad's side, I have 12 cousins and only three are girls - me, my sister, and our (much younger!) cousin, Lori. Of course, we three girls were especially spoiled by our grandparents. (I come by this indulgent grandparenting naturally.)

Pretty Cousins

I love this girl, even though she (and her wonderful husband) attended some school in Corvallis and her two children attend there as well.

Her dog has a Duck chew toy!

Speaking of grandparenting... I think it has been far too long since I have posted a photo of the C.B.E., so here is Leo eating ice cream in the trunk of Lisa's car:

Strawberry Buttermilk.

Until my next update, I remain, your Boise correspondent.

RV PARK: Boise Riverside RV Park - Large park near the county fairgrounds. A good location for Boise or Eagle, Idaho. Full hookup pull-throughs. 50 amp. Free wifi, bathhouse, laundry, playground. Adjacent to the Boise River and miles of bike/hiking trails. Close to shopping, but about five miles from the freeway. Some live-ins. With Good Sam discount, we are paying about $32 per night.