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Twenty Years at Pumpkin Ridge

Twenty years ago, DT and I took the plunge and joined a new golf club that was being built just west of Portland, Oregon. Little did we know our course would be soon known as one of the best golf courses in the world. Sadly, we are so often away, we rarely venture out to play our home course... yet it survives and tonight we were invited to celebrate the twenty year anniversary of Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club.

This week, our club is all-consumed with the LPGA Safeway Classic, which begins next Monday. (Check your local television listings.) But, because of all the hospitality suites constructed above the course for the tournament, the 20 year party was housed in a huge tent over-looking the entire golf course, on a perfectly sunny evening!

It's a cake about a golf course.

And, it is a cake with a golf bag on top!

There was a ton of food at the party.

But if you didn't feel like sweets...

They had fruit..

The invitation stated "cocktails and hors d'oeuvres", but there was enough food for an NCAA football team. All sorts of shellfish... and a salad bar station... roast turkey... grilled salmon... roasted fingerling potatoes... curry puffs... and all sorts of other delectable delights... and an open bar!

The golf club presented a program, hosted by our original course architect, Bob Cupp, about the new PBS documentary, Golf by Design, on golf course architecture. Twenty year members received fancy-schmantzy bag tags and the PBS DVD and the companion book from the documentary. We also listened to Bob Cupp talk for a really really long time about the documentary.

Bob Cupp

DT and I knew two people at the party. Boyce and Lori. We know them because they happen to live across the road from us.

We are such losers. Maybe we should venture out to our club more often?


Until my next update, I remain, your membership has its privileges correspondent.