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The opposite of decompressing

Slowly, we have been carting our belongings (food, clothing, etc.) from the RV parked in our driveway into our stick house - after six months on the road.

Which only means our once-tidy home has become a depository for everything from the bus. Where does it all go? I couldn't even remember where I kept the peppercorns this evening. Where are the dinner napkins? The batteries in our TV remote are dead. The smoke detector in the attic is beeping.

We brought back a few good souvenirs and way too many bottles of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka as gifts for our friends and family... which I understand is now available on nearly every street corner... great... since we have been carting the nectar around since South Carolina.

Here are a few photos of empty cabinets and closets:

RV Porn: a near-naked pantry

My half of the closet - empty! (The file box on the floor is
filled with Country Coach paperwork, manuals, etc.)

Why is is easier to load a RV, than to unload a RV?

While "unpacking" I produced a very detailed inventory list of everything "restockable" in the motorhome... meaning the coffee maker is not on the list, but coffee and #4 filters are on the list. Hopefully my new organizational plan will make subsequent re-loading much easier and efficient.

We finished our chore this afternoon and DT gave the Magna Peregrinus a good cleaning. Next she will be delivered to her new storage garage... which we have been renting since April 1st - sight/site unseen! (Will we fit?) Stay tuned for that hopefully-uneventful blog post!

Since we have been home... in his spare time... My Driver has taken the Honda (our tow car) and his Tahoe to Les Schwab for new tires. (My Honda received a new battery too.)

We have a very exciting dinner tomorrow night - wine tasting with lamb ranchers. Won't that be fun?

Until my next tasty update, I remain, your very tired (yet somehow semi-organized) correspondent.