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Technical Website Update

Portland, Oregon: I am not sure how many of My Dear Readers use Google Chrome web browser, but if you do (I do)... you may have (or maybe have not) noticed this little blog is NOT SECURE on the just-released version of Chrome 68. This is due to the fact Google/Chrome is kindly goading every website in the entire whole wide world to switch from "http" to "https"... by obtaining (purchasing!) a SSL Certificate, thus ruining my life forcing this 19 year old website to move into modern times.

Kicking and Screaming!

This subtle, but annoying hostage situation, change is good for the internet and good for every site that takes personal information, credit card numbers, email addresses, etc... which, of course, this site does not. Safety on the internet is super important.

Rest assured, you are safe visiting my site. I do not collect your credit card information, your Father's middle name, nor the name of the street where you were raised. You just come to www.rvgoddess.com, read my latest post, yawn, then go about your day.

In the next few weeks my server will migrate this ancient website to a new fancy-pants platform that will then be Kosher-with-Google/Chrome and the NOT SECURE notice will no longer be seen on the bar at the top of my page. If all goes as my website host predict, Readers will never notice the migration, but will one day simply notice a "https" in my url. Until then... and who knows what "soon" means in internet hosting timeline language, hang in there and enjoy this website without fear.

If you are uncomfortable with the NOT SECURE warning on Chrome, please read this blog on the Microsoft Edge browser until this site has been migrated.

PS: I found a credit card in a parking lot the other day, found the owner on Facebook (she was local), sent a message, and met her in a grocery store parking to return her credit card... refusing the Starbucks gift card she sweetly offered as a reward. I am not a crook.

Until my next update, I remain, your "oh goodness, did the tech freak out when he saw how many files they had stored for this blog, and didn't laugh when I told him my age" correspondent.