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Surprise Stopover

Castle Air Base, California: Forget most of what I said last night about posting photos of the Durango RV Park. The fog was so thick this morning - it was impossible to see the Durango RV Park. After jogging around the resort in the fog for a few miles, we continued south on I-5, stopping for fuel near Corning, California.

This was not fun

How convenient that just as it was getting dark, we were just a few miles from DT's home town. Even better, his brother was cooking. Even better, our daughter, The Lovely Lisa, was in town visiting family.

And her little dog too!

Must be some sort of solstice planet-aligning karma thing.

So here we are back at Castle Air Base (now closed, by the way), where they still operate a very small 8-site RV campground for visitors to the Castle Air Museum. The campground is actually converted from an old parking lot and the spaces are not very long and even a 30-foot RV must hang their rear end over the grass. We always have trouble here as our mud flap likes to imbed itself into the grass. Usually, I physically lift the flap while DT backs the bus onto the grass. I am no weakling, but it is nearly impossible for me to heft the weight of the spring-loaded mud flap. (This could also be a good time to mention that maybe it isn't too safe to be kneeling behind a 54,000 pound bus while it is reversing???) No more! Our tech gave us the coolest little tool that hangs behind the heavy mud flap and hooks over the hitch, thus holding the mud flap at a 45-degree angle! Genius!

The small red circle (right) shows how the bent strip of metal hooks on the back side of the mud flap and the larger red "shape" shows how it hooks over the hitch. Simple and very clever.

After "setting up camp", we drove into town for dinner at the home of DT's brother. Billy is an excellent chef. Tonight he grilled chicken breasts and thighs, and served a massive Caesar Salad. Lisa contributed Spinach Gratin and DT's Mom brought a platter of freshly baked sweets. We contributed wines.

Billy's Grilled Chicken

Lisa's Gratin

Our niece, Meghan (left) and Lisa make the salad

Our niece, Kira, 6

Lisa & her cousin, Meghan

There are four brothers in DT's family; no sisters. The brothers have produced only daughters. All or nothing in this family - but we certainly do a spectacular job at delivering gorgeous girls.

The three cousins enjoyed spending time together and we watched the 25-year-old Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas Special. Trivia: this program (and those crazy California Raisin commercials) were produced in little old Portland, Oregon.

Tomorrow, as thousands of mallards before us, we head south. Until my update, I remain, your Rose Bowl or Bust correspondent.

RV Park: 
Castle Air Family Camp - Atwater, California. Basic facilities. 8 sites, 30 & 50 amp, water, sewer. $30 includes admission to the Air Museum. Self-contained RV's only - no bathhouse or showers.