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Super Top Secret Snack Mix

Once, about a thousand years ago, I put this together for a football tailgate and it became a staple of our Autzen Stadium repertoire. So popular, in fact, Lisa asked that I include a bag of the mix as part of the treats in the guest room gift bags at her wedding.

Super Top Secret Snack Mix has something for everyone - savory, sweet, cheesy, nutty, salty - and of course, crunch. Everyone loves the combo, and I always crack-up when people ask for the recipe. The six ingredients are common American snack foods. There is no secret. Also, there is no cooking involved - RV easy. You are going to need a huge bowl - this makes nearly 16 cups of snack mix.

NOTE: Sometimes it is difficult to find exactly the right brand/combo/sizes of all this junk food in one grocer… not to mention a stop at TJ's for the sesame sticks. Don't worry, just improvise.

16 ounce bag Trader Joe's Sesame Sticks
6.6 ounce bag Pepperidge Farms Cheddar Goldfish
8 ounce bag Pepperidge Farms Pretzel Goldfish
12 ounce can Planter's Cocktail peanuts
12 ounce can Planter's Honey Roasted peanuts
7 ounce bag Corn Nuts (original flavor)

Mix it all together with a large spoon (or your hands). Serve.

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