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Indio, California: We are back to our Indio routine - exercise and relaxing in the warm sunshine. We are a bit busy with Hanukkah shopping and Thanksgiving errands as well.

Before moving on with our day, I want to share two photos from last weekend in Los Angeles.

1. Cutest Runner Ever:

Richard Simmons has nothing on Leo. Dude was styling at his Turkey Trot race Saturday! And as soon as Leo understands the concept of an out-and-back road race, life will be more relaxed at Lisa & Lenny's house.

Those curls!

2. Speaking of Lisa & Lenny's house... Our Girl was channeling Martha again as she has decorated their mantle for the "season":

Remember when we chose the fabulous pumpkins, squash and gourds at the Pumpkin Patch? Now they are poised for Thanksgiving. A few weeks ago, Lisa had rubber snakes and plastic rats crawling all over the pumpkins for Halloween.

Meanwhile... back in the desert... this afternoon we went shopping on El Paseo (the fancy shopping street) in Palm Desert. We had lunch (no comment) and then visited a few shops to finish-up our Hanukkah checklist. 

We returned to the Motorcoach Country Club to enjoy such a pretty sunset:

Coachella Valley sunsets are simply amazing. We are so blessed to be able to enjoy the nightly spectacle.

Until my next update, I remain, your awed correspondent.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club - The Crown Jewel of Motorcoach Resorts. 400 sites, three pools, three spas, fitness center, golf, bocce ball, tennis, 2-mile waterway, fine-dining restaurant, bar, security, planned activities, perfectly maintained. Sites for sale or rent.