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Sub-Par Day

Canyonville, Oregon:  Dave and I were at Cougar Canyon Golf Course for our 11:30a tee time. The course is short, but there is not a flat spot on the entire track. A pretty course and only $42pp with cart. This is bare-bones golf. No GPS, not even a ball washer on the cart. It is you, a guide book, and your wits to get you through 18 holes.

And by "on your own", I mean on your own. We did not see a course marshal (or drink cart) all day. And by all day, I mean over three hours to play the front nine.

Oh. Goodness. There were four ladies holding up the entire course. They were having a lovely time, laughing and putting for days. We were so delayed. Backed-up by several holes. At one point, while waiting, I closed my eyes to enjoy the sound of a babbling creek and the birds chirping... and I fell asleep! Asleep in the golf cart. I woke up and did a little on-line shopping via my cell phone.

Are you getting the idea we had to wait on every dang hole? Once for TWENTY MINUTES! It was 84 degrees.

At least the scenery was spectacular. This course is not called Cougar Canyon because they see kangaroo in the area. Cougar, bear and deer live here. We saw so many species of birds today - hawks, ravens, turkey vultures, geese, duck, towhee and a variety of song birds.

On the pond (above) we found several geese and duck with little fledglings. Look closely and you will see a deer under the tree in the middle of the photo.

Can't see the deer? A little help:

It's right there!

We came upon an area with several "domesticated" plantings. I wonder if maybe, a long time ago, maybe someone had a home/homestead at this site? Camellias and... is this a Yellowwood Tree (below)?

Help me out, gardeners, botanists, arborists...

The blossoms were so fragrant and there were a zillion bumblebees swarming on every flower. Gorgeous! Not native to Oregon if indeed a yellowwood. Confused.

But, oh my goodness, did I have plenty of time to snap photos.

After the turn, the wait became completely unbearable. I updated our auto policy, booked flights to Los Angeles, balanced the checkbook, wrote a book, and talked to My Brother Rick for twenty minutes. Finally, My Driver could take it no more. He leap-frogged the four-some in front of us. They cheered our gutsy move, decided to abandon their game in favor of the clubhouse bar. Smart idea. Dave continued leap-frogging over the Laughing Ladies. It was smooth-sailing after the last leap. We flew-through the last few holes. Not sure exactly how many holes we ended-up playing, but it was enough. I would like to report the course was poorly marshaled, but it wasn't marshaled. At all.

We returned to the RV, showered, and took the free shuttle bus to the casino. After a cocktail and no gambling, I decided we should go back to the bus to eat due to all the swirling cigarette smoke.... eating in an ashtray, etc. While waiting at the casino entrance for the shuttle, I noticed a door for the Steelhead Lounge - NONSMOKING! Dang, was I happy to see this. We had an appetizer at the smoke-free bar and then took the shuttle back to our motorhome.

Not the greatest day, but still - any day in your RV is a great day.


I will leave you with a photo of one thing right in My World: Leo. Shopping with his Mom this afternoon in Los Angeles and carrying her stuff (could be some of his stuff too). I miss him.

He could have caddied for me today.

Until my next update, I remain, your sub-par correspondent.

RV Park: Seven Feathers RV Resort. One of the finest resorts we have found. Full-service sites. Back-ins and pull-throughs. Excellent bath and laundry facilities. Club house, wifi, cable TV, fitness center, walking paths, picnic tables at each site, indoor pool and spa. Great rally facilities. Small shop. Free shuttle to casino. We paid approximately $45 per night.