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Los Angeles, California:  Since the kids planned a "destination" wedding, an entire weekend of festivities were planned to entertain guests from across the country and around the world at La Quinta Resort. Lenny's parents welcomed everyone Friday night with a taco & margarita party - complete with a mariachi band. The wedding - followed by a champagne reception, dinner and dancing - was on Saturday. Sunday we invited everyone for a farewell brunch. Though the parents were the hosts, Lisa and Lenny had their finger on every detail of the wedding. They worked for months to ensure their wedding was personal and that every guest had a perfect weekend.

They succeeded.

For months, Lenny and Lisa scoured antique stores, Etsy and the Rose Bowl Flea Market to purchase vintage tables/desks/items to use throughout the weekend. Lenny hauled their prizes to Palm Springs in a rented U-Haul truck! They found cute chalk boards to use for signs. This sign (above) encouraged wedding guests to enjoy an Arnold Palmer before the wedding. Old-fashioned lace runners draped this vintage yellow desk.

The kids are planning an exotic honeymoon in a few weeks (both sets of grandparents are scheduled for Leo-duty), so Lisa and Lenny used antique luggage in various spots over the weekend. This lace-lined suitcase served as a container for cards and gifts.

A friend hand-made metal "vines" to adorn the bride's hair.

Remember my September "Sweat Shop Weekend" in Los Angeles? Lisa and I - along with her two attendants - sewed 20 fabric runners for the dining tables. This is our family table. The flowers were heat-friendly and placed in antique Mason jars. Lisa hand-stamped every single place card.

Two very happy parents.

The same weekend we made the table runners, Lisa and I cut and sewed 750 (YES, 750!!!) fabric pennants. I am now just getting feeling back in my right index finger after cutting 750 fabric pennants with pinking shears. Before the wedding, Lisa's "aunties" strung the pennants and we had a crew with super-tall ladders hang the pennants above the courtyard where the wedding guests enjoyed champagne and cocktails before dinner.

Mr. & Mrs.

Lenny and Lisa posed prior to being introduced at their wedding dinner. The bride also designed her wedding gown and had it custom-made. There are no machine-made seams on the entire dress. Every bit of French lace was matched and stitched by hand. No kidding. Lisa's dressmaker is a true artist.

At a Jewish wedding, the newlyweds usually sit alone at a small table during the celebration dinner, separate from their families, as it is custom wedding guests "entertain" the bride and groom on the dance floor. Again, the kids used a vintage table and decorated it with beautiful embroidered flags.

I will post more wedding photos as time allows. Though it has been ten days since the wedding, I have not had time to sort through the hundreds of photos sent to us since the nuptials. (I cannot truly even give photo credit to the above photos, as I am not completely sure who snapped them, but it was not me. Thank you to everyone who has sent us photos - and keep them coming!) 

Until my next update, I remain, your "Mother of better than Martha" correspondent.

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