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Strangest Thing

Hopefully this comment will not jinx me, but it was sunny today.

Strangest thing.

I know. Freaky. It has been so long. Too long. We haven't used the furnace for two days in row. I think Oregon's June furnace usage is the lone cause of Global Warming.

The lavender is in full bloom and the bees are busy.

Our field has yet to be mowed, as the heavy tractor would only get stuck in the mud. Maybe this weekend the mower-dude will show up?

But who in their right mind would mow this beautiful meadow?

The poppies are blooming too... but my toenails were still wet from a pedicure. I love you guys, but I'm not going to ruin a perfectly good pedicure for a photo of poppies.

They are poppies.

They are orange.

Use your imagination.


Anyway, it was just a beautiful, sunny, warm day. Such a refreshing change. Maybe Mother Nature finally checked her calendar and noticed it was officially summer?


In fact, it was so warm we dined out of doors for the first time all year.

Yep. That is a Pizza Margherita... and a Caesar Salad... and a bottle of a lovely light Toscana pinot grigio.

For a moment, I thought we were in Italy.

Until I noticed the Douglas Fir.

Until my next update, I remain, your "it's sunny in Oregon" correspondent.