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Los Angeles, California:  Another activity-filled morning with ballet and Leo's first T-ball game. Much of Lucy's class today was being introduced to the 3rd arabesque position, which every three-year-old needs to know. Lucy is quite serious about her dancing and really tries to follow instruction. She is no longer as distracted by the activity of others, and as the girls grow, there are fewer distractions anyway. We still have not heard from the Bolshoi.

Dave had a busy morning watching Leo play his first T-ball game.

Leo and his friend pose before the game

nteresting thing: our leftie bats right! Being the first game of the season, after only one practice, much like the Bolshoi, Major League scouts were not in attendance this morning. Dave said Leo can really run fast and has a strong arm. Leo throws with his left arm and wears his glove on his right hand.

Dave and I were thinking a set of junior golf clubs would be just the thing for Leo this Hanukkah. Now we are puzzling between right or left clubs. Time to get Leo out on the links!

The Dugout

All team members bat before switching sides. They do not keep score. The boys are six years old - T-Ball and Little League are for learning basic skills of America's Pastime. Teamwork. They may not keep score, but DT can count. It's all about the love of the game, right?

Our WILD FEMINIST, coloring this afternoon

There were no age-appropriate movies to be found this evening, so we took the kids to the Italian restaurant at The Americana, Amici, again tonight. The waiters recognized us Lucy and gave us special service. Leo and Lucy were so well behaved.

Better than Bubbe. It is difficult to be in one of the best malls in America when you have taken a vow to not shop for clothes, purses, shoes or jewelry in 2018. I PERSISTED RESISTED! Still have not broken my vow 3+ months into 2018.

The kids have chosen the activity and planned the food for our outing tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Until my next update, I remain, your on-my-toes correspondent.