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Salmon Caesar

Even though we live in Oregon, we are experiencing a heat wave. Balancing out the three feet of snow we had this winter, our 90+ degree weather day will probably make a few of my out-of-state readers laugh... but around here the weather is the lead story on every local newscast.

The deck guys showed-up this morning (early) and finished-up the remaining tasks on the deck project: buffering a few cement footings, plus a hook & eye closure for the gate we had installed on the deck to protect our Little Grand Dawg - the precious Reese.

My Driver moved the patio dining table and two chairs onto the deck - along with BBQ grill. No need to move anything else as it will all need to be cleared in a week or two while the deck is sealed. But for now - we can enjoy our new tree house in the busy forest behind our home.

Pretty flowers from the Farmer's Market

With the hot weather, tonight was a perfect night to enjoy the fresh-caught wild King Salmon - just delivered to the local markets - over a Caesar salad. DT grilled the fish outside - so there was no need to cook indoors.

It is great to live in the Pacific Northwest

Grilled King Salmon over a bed of Caesar Salad greens

A salad, a loaf of whole-grain bread and a bottle of A to Z Rosé...

Life is good

Until my next warm weather update, I remain, your chillin' correspondent.