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RV Storage

A few months ago... I think we were in Texas... my mobile phone rang. It was the dude from a fancy RV storage place south of Portland, Oregon. He (finally) had a vacancy. Were we still interested?

We live on a hill (some people would call it a cliff). We have four acres and not an inch - due to the slope - to store a motorhome. We have to store our RV away from our home. We stored Our Intrigue - about eight miles away - in a nice covered facility. However, after purchasing the Magna Peregrinus, we have had to surrender this storage space as it was not tall enough - and definitely not long enough - for our new bus.

So when this opportunity was presented to us, we rented it - unseen and uninspected via cell phone on a Texas back road - and I sent a check right away. Today we met the owner to see if our 45-foot bus would actually fit in a 48-foot storage space. Sounds like a no-brainer... but a 45-foot RV has at least one foot of rear-view mirrors and we also have a big hitch off the back end for our tow car.

Life is an adventure.

Wonder what hardware sleeps behind these doors?

DT inspects our new storage bay with the facility owner

The RV storage company has thought of (nearly) everything. Security. Firewalls. 30-amp electricity. Over-head lights. Dump station. RV wash. Fresh water for your tanks. Dumpster. Tons of room to make the turn into your garage bay. Pretty impressive.

But... would we fit?

Back it up

As Grandma Herzberg always said: DT is such a good driver

The Magna Peregrinus did fit in the bay! Okay, we had to remove the hitch - but that only takes one minute. (Moving the mirrors would have been a major chore.) Hooked-up to power, we are able to keep our batteries charged and our fridge chilled. We are very pleased with our new auxiliary garage.

On the way home, we stopped to the hippy market and picked up ingredients for another wonderful meal. DT hauled the grill out of the garage and fired-it-up after a six-month hiatus.

Dang, that man can drive and cook.

We took a quick trip to Corfu tonight - chicken marinated in Greek herbs and a perfect Greek Salad.

Greek Salad

Massive chicken legs

And then I saw LeBron toss up 3 pointer to win. Amazing.

As pleased as I am with our new storage situation... this is the first time I have been away overnight from the Magna Peregrinus. Not sure I like this part.

Until my next update, I remain, your bus-sick correspondent. Shabbat Shalom.