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RV Rodeo

Borrego Springs, California: We had a very strange day. First, we woke early, to high clouds, to get to the Farmers Market.

The Borrego Springs Farmers Market is only open four hours and since these are the only four hours a week fresh produce is available for 50 miles in any direction... well, the market is a popular spot.

We found gorgeous sweet organic strawberries.

Perfect cauliflower.

Huge snap peas.

And Marjorie. Marjorie machine-embroiders flour-sack kitchen towels.

Huh? Is that true?

I could not resist this kitchen towel. It came home with me.

I could not resist this little guy playing fetch in the park at the Farmers Market... but he did not come home with me.

After returning from the market, the sun was shining and the temperature was 65+ degrees. I went for a three mile jog. My knees were feeling a whole-bunch better this morning after a little pinot grigio therapy last night. After my extremely slow workout, I had a nice long soak in the resort hot tub... then I dozed on a poolside lounger in the warm sunshine while I waited for My Driver to finish his workout in the fitness center.

By now it was noon and noon is the check-out time at this RV resort. Since we were dry-camped in the middle of their huge gravel over-flow lot, they didn't seem to care if we left a few minutes late, but we rushed and left the campground a little while later.

Then, we had to drive all the way across town to our next campsite in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. (All the way across town is two minutes!) We checked-in to our reserved $37-with-tax spot and learned we would have to pay $8 a day for the Honda as well! What?

Does Jerry Brown's know about this?

Now it was time for yet another RV Goddess RV Rodeo! We had plenty of room in the site for the bus and the Honda, but DT could not get the motorhome level in the back of the site, so he decided to move the motorhome to the front of the site... but then he didn't think our sewer hose would be long enough - all the hook-up were at the very back of the campsite. (All RVers can feel our pain.) No matter, we had an extra sewer hose. So, he inched the bus to the front of the campsite and pushed the "level" button and our air bags went to work. However, our shiny mud flap was being jammed into the asphalt as the back end of the coach dropped. I yelled for Dave to bring the back end up again. We have a very cool little metal hook thingy that holds the heavy mud flap up via the hitch... and as soon as it was located... we were back in business. The bus is "pretty-much" level, though I need a ladder step-stool to get out the front door!

Guess what? Our sunny day suddenly turned cloudy. Cold. Dark. Then it started to rain.

I don't think Jimmy Buffett has a song about this situation.

Power cord plugged-in? Check!

Water hose attached? Check!

Sewer hose attached? Nope! It did not reach, so My Driver found the spare. Oops. It was only ten feet. We needed twenty. DT had to drive the Honda all the way across town back to the Springs at Borrego RV Resort to buy a 20-foot sewer hose... which he later attached in the pouring rain.

Then I made him a grilled sandwich and he felt much better.

So much for our "staying in the desert this weekend because it is going to rain at the beach" idea.


It poured buckets of rain all evening. Our satellite internet is no longer working. Luckily I had a batch of homemade chicken soup in the freezer - prepared at home for just such an occasion.

Shabbat Shalom!

Until my next update, I remain, your soggy correspondent.

RV PARK: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. 30-amp power, water and electric paved pull-through sites. Bathhouse. Picnic tables & fire pits. Close to town, restaurants and Visitor Center. Many hiking trails. Good cell service. Dump station. Group camps. We paid $37 per night with tax and also $8 extra-vehicle fee for our tow car.