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RV Park Observations

Las Vegas, Nevada:  Today, while jogging around the perimeter of the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort I noticed a few things:

1. I am slow.

2. I am fat.

3. Ke$ha still cracks me up.

4. The billboards above this RV park are so, shall I say, suggestive, I cannot even bring myself to post a photo of one on my own website. How is this legal - even in Nevada? I blush every time I run under the billboards!

5. There are not very many fellow campers exercising - walking, jogging, swimming or riding their bikes.

6. There are many fellow campers sitting outside their RVs - talking with neighbors, smoking cigarettes or reading the newspaper.

7. The campers who are exercising were thinner than the campers sitting around.

I don't suppose I will be nominated for a Nobel Prize for this observation.

Living the RV Lifestyle gives too many excuses to gain weight/not exercise. Not to mention, RVer's only need to take two steps to reach the refrigerator. Every new destination seems to have a fabulous unique dining experience that can't be passed-by. RVer's travel with full kitchens, yet seem to go out to eat quite a bit. Don't get me started on potlucks, happy hours or the donuts and coffee in many RV Park community rooms each morning.

Okay. Sorry. Posting this photo is just being mean. And I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever seen donuts of this caliber at any RV Park between Oregon and Florida.

My point is that it is just too easy to pack on the pounds while RVing. (I know this from experience.) Aren't we supposed to be hiking, golfing, touring through museums, swimming in the pretty heated pools, taking our pooches for long walks and playing with our kids/grandkids while we are on vacation?

This message worthless opinion has been brought to you by the American Spandex Council.

DT and I had a fairly relaxing day. After jogging, we sat in the hot tub and were entertained by six college boys on a Spring Break RV Road Trip. The students rented a C-Class and hit the road. Their goal? Hollywood - to vie as contestants on The Price is Right. (Seriously, I can't make this stuff up.) They didn't think to bring towels and had been on the road for three days already!

Our evening's entertainment was to drive to the Mandalay Bay Hotel for dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Trattoria del Lupo Italian restaurant. We did not have a reservation, and normally it would not be a problem, except we were in Las Vegas and apparently EVERY NIGHT in Las Vegas is Saturday night. We only had to wait 20 minutes and were seated at a very nice table in their "patio" (i.e. tables situated in the main walkway of the hotel). Where else can you witness three girls helping a bride - in full regalia - in and out of the ladies room with a ten-foot-long train in ivory???

Gotta love a Monday Vegas wedding.

DT and I ordered the special salmon appetizer to share - wild Alaskan salmon pickled for two days in orange, lemon & lime juices, served with slivered fennel, cucumber, yellow and red peppers and green beans. There was nothing not to like about this unique starter.

For my entree, I chose the farm-raised veal chop special. The steak was served over grilled asparagus. My Driver chose one of his favorites Vongole - fettuccini with clams.

After dinner, we decided to donate some money to the Mandalay Bay blackjack tables before heading back to the Magna Peregrinus and bed. Tomorrow we hitch-up and head south. More adventure awaits.

Until my next update, I remain, your chubby correspondent.

RV Park:  Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort. 30/50-amp, full hook-up paved pull-through. Cable. Wifi is $5.95 for 24-hours - ouch. Great location and full-service resort with pool, hot tub, nice bath and laundry facilities, mini golf and bocce ball. Shuttle service to the strip. Close to restaurants and shopping. Also next to I-15 and under the flight path of the Las Vegas airport. We are paying a ridiculous $50 for our "premium" site.