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Restaurant of the Month: Grill-A-Burger

Indio, California: We have suffered from terrible winds over the past two days. Everything in the Coachella Valley is coated in dust. Sneezing. Itchy eyes. I don't even want to think about our lungs. Yesterday afternoon, the winds seemed to quiet a bit and we spent an hour cleaning every surface inside our RV. Probably a waste of time, but it was getting seriously "crunchy" in here. The winds are supposed to calm by tomorrow, and then we will tackle the casita and shade structure.

With the high winds and so many campers leaving for home, this resort has been a ghost-town the past few days. Very quiet. But today, we noticed several "rental-type" motorhomes come in - a sure sign that the Coachella Music Festival is this weekend (and next). Another sign?


Every extra square inch of local supermarkets are filled with beer, chips, energy drinks, sunscreen and bottled water. By Sunday, you won't be able to find a six pack of Natty Light. Need a bag of ice? Not gonna happen. On Sunday, every supermarket within a three mile radius will be sold-out of these precious commodities.

Before the hipsters invade, DT and I headed-out to stock-up for the weekend. We first patronized the Ralph's around the corner, but we needed a few specialty items - organic jasmine rice, tuna in a jar (not a can), Spanish marcona almonds, pinot grigio vinegar and Parmesan cheese (from Parma) - so we drove all the way to Bristol Farmsin Palm Desert. Before shopping, we decided to try Grill-A-Burger as it was recently named the Best Burger in the Palm Springs area.

Grill-A-Burger is a local restaurant. One of a kind. Not a chain. The restaurant is decorated in a tiki-bar theme - with gorillas everywhere. Very cute. They have a huge selection of burgers, and also offer hotdogs, salads and various fries and onion rings. The burgers are really too large for one person, so I suggest you split one with a pal.

Who can open their mouth this wide? The burger was really good - and they arrive to the table already loaded with mayo, ketchup, mustard, onion, lettuce, tomato and pickles.

My Driver ordered garlic fries. Yep, that is raw garlic and parsley tossed with the French fries. I had to try a few for myself, because if only one person in a marriage eats raw garlic... well, that person is usually banished to the sofa.

I would go back - but next time I would order one of their "mini" burgers. The restaurant is very casual and a good place for families and a great place to go with your golfing buddies. Beer & Wine, vegetarian options. Outside seating.

Plaza de Monterey
73091 Country Club Drive (at Monterey, next to Bristol Farms)
Palm Desert, California 92260
Tel: 760-346-8170
OPEN DAILY: 11a to 8:00p

Until my next update, I remain, your beefy correspondent.

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