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Quick Update

Salt Lake City, Utah:  The past few days have gone-by in a busy blur. At the same time - even if the doctors and nurses constantly wake Dave's Mom to take blood samples, blood pressure, etc. - I can't think of a better place to be if I were ill. The University Hospital is absolutely a top-notch facility and we couldn't be happier with Mom's care.

Football stadium at University of Utah

The hospital is just above the beautiful University of Utah campus - with wide tree-and-brick mansion-lined streets. Salt Lake is really a very pretty town.

Though her recovery has been slow, it is encouraging to see daily progress. When Mom asked me to style her hair, I knew we had turned a corner. 

Thank you for remembering Mom in your thoughts and prayers - it is working. KEEP IT UP!

The other news here is (as, I suppose is news at your house) the weather. It snowed all day. All damn day. Here is a photo of the visitor's terrace at the hospital:

With the gorgeous mountain views outside the patio, I asked DT's Mom is she would like to get a little fresh air. 

She declined.

Good thing too. The door to the terrace was locked.

We still have no date for our departure from Salt Lake. Taking it day-by-day. 

Until my next update, I remain, your frozen correspondent.