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Indio, California: I am slowly returning to normal. This stupid cold knocked me out for over a week! I have too many things to do to feel like drek - especially when I promised The Posse a night of Chinese food. Finally, I invited everyone and made, again, that lovely Slow Cooked Soy Sauce Chicken from Mandy Lee at Lady & Pups.

This recipe is really a lot of work, but I need to make it about once a year to remind myself of Taiwan.

Speaking of Taiwan... we served another favorite from our time on the island - potstickers, or fried dumplings. Though I have been making potstickers for years, I have never shared my recipe on this website. So sorry. The filling is easy enough and making the dumplings is a cinch by using store-bought wrappers, but there is a bit of bother with the filling-and-folding technique. So... I photographed each step while making dumplings this week and put the series together to help the process along. These photos do not claim my precision nor skill at folding dumplings. (After 30 years, I can stuff and fold in my sleep.) The photos show how I make potstickers. Right or wrong, there are never any left on the serving platter. It isn't how they look, so much, so don't get hung-up on technique. The joy is dipping a hot dumpling in the wonderful sauce and slurping the morsel into your mouth - with chopsticks, of course.

Who can resist?

My little tutorial starts with a dab of meat filling in the center of a round wrapper:

Continues with a few tips on folding and crimping:

Until you have this lovely result - three dozen dumplings ready to cook now or freeze for later:

Because what's not to like about a cute little dumpling?

Go to the Potsticker recipe page

Until my next update, I remain, your stuffed correspondent.

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