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Potstickers + Mapo Tofu

Indio, California:  Another beautiful (85°) day in Paradise... but DT still has no date set for his knee surgery... even though he was "on hold" with the scheduling office for a hour. Hopefully on Monday, a date will be set. Dave continues to swim - without using his legs! - in the pool near our campsite each morning. He simply MUST exercise.

Day Five of Chinese Week brought us chicken potstickers and a very easy (just a little chopping and mixing, followed by a quick stir fry) Mapo Tofu, which I served over rice.

The potstickers were even easier, because I had made a large batch several weeks ago and froze the dumplings for just such an occasion. I have been using the same recipe for 35+ years, and will share it soon. Remind me, will you?

We recently ordered potstickers at a restaurant and they appeared at our table deep fried. Completely deep fried and browed all over. Obviously the chef didn't understand the "stick to the pot" portion of the dish?

No worries. The RV Goddess will set you right.

Mapo Tofu is still one of our favorite meals. It is spicy and savory and belly-warming.

My Mapo Tofu recipe has been recently updated on this website, and made even easier. No hard-to-find ingredients and no more fermented black beans because they are just too difficult to locate and are so so so salty. I mean really salty!

One more night remaining in the Chinese Week menu planning - Orange Chicken. A new recipe.

And Sunday? Pizza Night. No, not Chinese pizza. Just the regular Italian variety.

Until my next update, I remain, your spicy correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club