Travel Photos

Redding, California: Dave and I spent yesterday in Bend with my family. We (he) drove the Honda over for a day trip. We enjoyed another beautiful drive over the McKenzie Pass (Highway 126), but the Scenic Bypass we drove just a few weeks ago has already been closed due to snow. Things change quickly in Oregon.

We woke this morning in Eugene to cold fog. Still nursing my thigh injury, I opted to trudge up and down the RV park aisles, instead of trying to conquer the Coburg Hills. (Smart decision.) With my iPod Nano headphones in my ears, I cannot hear my huffing and puffing... nor do I feel (what I am sure my fellow campers must think are) massive earthquakes as I plod around the campsites.

I am serious when I said it was foggy.

Premier RV Resort. We could hear the giant birds honking and generally making life miserable for the poor cattle in the field.

We could hear the geese, but it was nearly impossible to see the geese through the fog.

Somewhere in the fog...

The fog did help show interesting spider webs on the barbed wire fence enclosing the pasture.

Around 11a we hit the road south on I-5. Within minutes of leaving the campground, we were in sun and enjoyed cloud-free skies all day! It was a beautiful drive. Though many of the trees have already lost their leaves, enough glorious trees still covered the hillsides that we had a technicolor drive all day.

We only stopped twice. Once for lunch and once for fuel. Even our lunch break at a roadside rest stop was filled with gorgeous fall color.

Our Duck bus received much attention today from fellow travelers... from RVers lunching at the rest stop, to the many (many, many) cars honking and waving to us along the Interstate today. GO DUCKS!

At our fuel stop south of Ashland (105 gallons), we chatted-up a very handsome Oregon State trooper. He LOVED the "O" on the back of our motorhome! Not only is this cop an Oregon alum, he is also a Veteran (Army, two tours in Iraq) and now serves in the Army Reserve. He promised to attend our Civil War tailgate and I will cry if he fails to appear.

The only other exciting event was the appearance of a very strange bank of fog hanging over a valley in southern Oregon.

This photo was taken through the windscreen. The bank of fog completely filled a large valley... and then we left Oregon and entered California.

our trip earlier this year:

JGW RV Park. Exit 673 on I-5, just south of Redding, California. Large pull-through campsite (we did not need to un-hitch the tow car). 50 amp, cable, pool, club room, boat ramp, laundry and recycling. Free wifi. On the Sacramento River. Sad we are only here overnight. We paid $35 (cash and Good Sam discount).