Indio, California: I am slowly returning to normal. This stupid cold knocked me out for over a week! I have too many things to do to feel like drek - especially when I promised The Posse a night of Chinese food. Finally, I invited everyone and made, again, that lovely Slow Cooked Soy Sauce Chicken from Mandy Lee at Lady & Pups.

put the series together to help the process along. These photos do not claim my precision nor skill at folding dumplings. (After 30 years, I can stuff and fold in my sleep.) The photos show how I make potstickers. Right or wrong, there are never any left on the serving platter. It isn't how they look, so much, so don't get hung-up on technique. The joy is dipping a hot dumpling in the wonderful sauce and slurping the morsel into your mouth - with chopsticks, of course.

My little tutorial starts with a dab of meat filling in the center of a round wrapper:

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