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Indio, California:  Sunday was a quiet day. (With DT unable to walk much, every day is a quiet day.) I walked four miles and Dave dragged his body across the pool countless times. With no more Downton Abbey to fill our Sunday evening, we are now watching Victoria. The young queen has just married Albert.

Not a photo of food - the view from our campsite in Indio.

The resort was quiet Sunday, people resting after a big event at the plaza behind the clubhouse Saturday night - Denim & Diamonds - the annual country-western themed party. The sold-out shindig featured a live band, dancing, pulled pork sandwiches and bales of hay. Since one of us is using a cane at the present time, there would be no dancing. Since the menu featured pork & beans with the pulled pork sandwiches, there would be no eating. We did not attend. We could hear the music wafting on the wind Saturday night (while we dined on Chinese food) as hundreds of our fellow campers enjoyed this popular annual event.

Except for the dried chili flakes I sprinkled over the pizza tonight, there is no other similarity to Italian pizza and Chinese food. Sadly, all those tales we have heard about Marco Polo bringing pasta back to Italy from China are merely that - stories. Italians were eating noodles well before Marco Polo set sail.

Pizza dough, red sauce, Mozzarella cheese, dried oregano, dried chili flakes, fresh basil. That's my recipe. Served it with a wedge salad.

And pinot grigio.

Until my next update, I remain, your doughy correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club