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Pittock Mansion

Wednesday | 27 May 2009: This afternoon, I enjoyed a picnic on the grounds of the Pittock Mansion with a group of wonderful women. We had children who graduated from high school together in 1999, from a small K-12 school. (Ten years ago this month, if you can't do the math.) The Class of '99 had 52 graduates. Our "children" have finished college, and many have finished graduate school - and even a few doctorates. A few have married, and we have a few grandma's in our group now! Our children may be getting older, but we Moms remain unchanged.

It was a glorious day in Portland!

Mt. Hood

Pittock Mansion


Pittock Mansion grounds

Beautiful rhoddies

Beautiful Iris

Close-up of a beautiful iris

Just some pretty pictures to prove to you - not every day in Oregon is dreary and rainy. Until my next update, I remain your Motherly correspondent.