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Pendleton to Boise

Boise, Idaho: Another scorcher. Too hot to run unless you run before seven o'clock. At seven o'clock I was still in bed, so that made for an easy decision - or what runners refer to as a "rest day". Truth be told, we are just not early travelers because we both like to exercise in the morning - but after coffee, emails, crossword puzzles and work. I insist on shipping Camping Journal orders first thing in the morning and hit the post office before leaving town.

Which found us at the Arrowhead Truck Stop on the Umatilla Nation around ten o'clock this morning.

We filled the Magna Peregrinus with 106 gallons of diesel. And, because we bought over 100 gallons of fuel, I was able to "Spin to Win" for a prize! (Think Jeopardy wheel, but with trucker-related prizes. No Jamaican vacation prizes at this truck stop.) Because I am so incredibly lucky, my spin won a new solar/battery calculator! I am sure the calculator has a value of up to $2. I am not reporting this to the IRS. The little calculator is actually quite nice.

Don't be jealous. I call it my "$318 calculator".

Back to real life... remember those expensive, bland steaks we ordered at Hamley's in Pendleton last night - where I forgot to write about the terrible waiter? I'm not completely crazy - we brought the steaks home in a doggie-bag thinking I could either doctor them up somehow, or could actually feed them to a dog.

Here's the beef.

And here's the beef in a Steak Caesar Salad I prepared before we hit Interstate 84 east this morning. I made a Caesar dressing, sliced one of the steaks against the grain and let it marinate all morning in the dressing. At our lunch break, I threw in Romaine lettuce, baby tomatoes, shredded parmesan and croutons and we had a lovely lunch at the rest stop at exit #335.

A great shady spot for a picnic. It was 90 degrees. And it was, in fact, hotter than Ghana. I checked. It was 81° in Ghana today.

Which brings us away from the Great State of Oregon for a while and into Idaho. The drive is so beautiful - forests, sagebrush prairies, rock formations, rivers, deer, coyotes... everything.

We pulled into 100-degree Boise about three o'clock and set up camp next door to friendly Iowans on their way to Oregon to visit their Duck-fan relatives. They loved our bus and snapped photos for their family in Medford, Oregon.

Can you blame 'em?


I have posted three photos of our RV in today's column.

You know you are no longer in Oregon when....? This is the entire organic produce selection at a local supermarket.

We dined outdoors on our provided picnic table, watching the Mariners. Since we are in Idaho, I prepared potato gnocchi (purchased, people, I'm not insane). I made a light basil cream sauce to serve over the dumplings and also made a little green salad.

On a large salad plate.

As I type this - in the third inning - the temperatures are still in the 90s. Until my next update, I remain, your hot correspondent.

RV Park: 
 Boise-Meridian KOA. Situated about 8 miles west of Boise, convenient to the freeway, but no freeway noise. Full-service park, very nice, modern and super clean. Indoor pool & spa, laundry, bathhouse, free wifi and Cable TV. We paid $32 with our KOA discount card.