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Oregon Wine Country Tour

Though Shirley and Martin are here from London to visit their daughter and her family, we get to see them quite a bit and they devoted the entire day of Sunday to us. We took them on a little drive through Oregon Wine Country. The weather was a bit dreary - cloudy and cool - but it did not rain all day. We were disappointed the views to the Cascade Mountains were non-existent... which only means they will have to return so we can do it all again.

Terry & Shirley at Red Ridge Farms

The first stop on our tour was to Red Ridge Farms (home of Oregon Olive Mill) so I could buy a gallon (yes, a gallon!) of local olive oil for our impending winter-on-the-road in our motorhome.

We continued our drive to Domaine Drouhin. Not only do they have lovely pinot noirs, this property is situated for the perfect views to Mount St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson. Except not today.

Meriwether Lewis Dave showing Martin where the mountains should be

The cloudy views didn't stop us from having fun

Domaine Drouhin - even without sunshine, the colors were magnificent

We continued our drive, stopping to snap photos of the colorful vines.

Lunch time! Delicious meals at The Dundee Bistro:

The final stop of the day was the site of our surprise birthday party a few weeks ago - The Ponzi Vineyards new tasting facility. Again, clouds, but we had a lot of fun.

Long-time readers will recognize these vineyards - they are part of our usual tour route. These few stops, with the occasional addition of a bubbly producer, showcase some of the best Oregon foods, wines, vines and views.

Until my next update, I remain, your touristy correspondent.