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No Fooling, Just Fun

Indio, California: Since Wednesday was the last day our friends would be with us in Indio, we spent the day giving them our usual tour of this end of the Coachella Valley. The weather has been very hot, so we have been exercising very early. Only one bad windy evening - which of course - covered everything in the shade pavilion with a thick coating of dust... which Dave and Steve cleaned-up while Tamra and I walked five miles. (We just kept walking until we saw the guys were finished. Sneaky.)

Of course, the first stop on our "Tour de Indio" was lunch at Tacos Gonzalez:

Steve and Tam could not get enough of the delicious tacos. $1.79. Best. Deal. Ever.

After lunch we drove our friends out to see a date orchard and for a quick drive through the Empire Polo Grounds - which is now in full-on Coachella Valley Music Festival mode. The music festival will be held on two subsequent weekends (April 10-12 and April 17-19). With 90,000 fans attending each day, I'd say every porta-pottie in California is now in Indio.

After our drive, a swing through Cardenas Mexican Grocer was on the line-up. Always a fascinating experience - like stepping into Mexico. I found fresh garbanzo beans and Tamra bought a few dozen corn tortillas - still hot off the griddle - to take home to Portland. (The ladies making the tortillas always offer a free sample to visitors in our tour group.)

The final stop was to see a film, "The Romance & Sex Life of the Date", at Shields Date Garden. Date boys and date girls can't seem to get together without the help of humans, so the fruit has been manually pollinated for thousands of years. Our friends picked up a few dates to take back to cold, rainy Oregon.

I present this photo in black & white. Shields has not changed since the invention of color photography.

The Romance and Sex Life of the "Dave".

Terry & Mary aboard the Desert Duck

There was even more fun - Mary and Captain Jim picked us up for a sunset cruise on their boat and docked at the clubhouse for dinner! So much fun. We love presenting the Motorcoach Country Club to guests via the "water view". Thank you, AGAIN, Mary and Captain Jim, for taking our pals on a Lovely Cruise.

Speaking of dinner... remember the face Little Lucy made when her Mom tried to feed her apple sauce?

Look at the little gourmet gnawing on sushi:

No, she cannot be any cuter. Don't even ask.

Until my next update, I remain, your April correspondent.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club