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National Margarita Day

Tucson, Arizona: Though it seems I have been celebrating "National Margarita Day" for the past several weeks, today is, indeed, the actual day. In preparation, I ran for nearly an hour this morning. Our plan was to drive an hour north to the golf tournament, but as we were watching on television this morning, realized it was still really cold up there - though the snow has melted. We changed our minds at the last minute and decided to watch the golfers on TV in the cozy warmth of our motorhome. Another thing DT noticed from watching the golf on television? The fans were really far from the players and many were using binoculars. This did not appeal to him as a fan-friendly venue. I was fine with the decision - I was ready for a quiet day.

We also opted out of crowded Friday-night restaurants by going out for a late lunch/early dinner to celebrate National Margarita Day. Sir Veza's Taco Garage was our choice, as I recalled delicious margaritas from our visit two years ago, plus the restaurant does not use sweet & sour mix in their concoctions. They just make a real margarita.

And just in case you are sick and tired of seeing that photo of me (top, left) toasting you with a glass of champagne... here I am toasting you with a margarita.

I ordered a chicken taco salad.

I've had a zillion or two taco salads in my day, but this is the first taco salad I have been served that actually looked like a taco. A massive taco. It was mostly lettuce, but I kept eating and eating and eating and it pretty-much looked just like this photo when I was finished. Too much food.

Mr. Taylor cleverly ordered three little chicken tacos. Much more reasonable.

We hope you all enjoyed National Margarita Day. Shabbat Shalom!

Until my next update, I remain, your celebratory correspondent.

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