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Meanwhile, in Phoenix

Portland, Oregon: Lisa is here, getting rid of "stuff" from her closet, but meanwhile in Phoenix, Lenny and Leo are at the Redskin v Cardinal game. We facetimed with them this morning. Leo went on and on about the cool pool at the hotel, complete with waterslide. He was having a very good time.

Then they went to the stadium and Lenny started sending photos via text message:

They went VERY early to watch the Redskins (Lenny's hometown team) practice. Lenny has been to this stadium several times - Ducks and Redskins - yet has never left with a win. He thought maybe Leo would be his Lucky Charm, and he was! The DC team crushed the Cardinals!

OMG - those missing teeth! Leo is so stinkin' cute.

Lenny and Leo became groupies and stayed around after the game to meet the players as they left the locker room. I'm not sure who was more excited, Lenny or Leo?

Running back Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma)

Brandon Scherff, guard (Iowa)

Well, somebody dressed up! Josh Norman, cornerback (Coastal Carolina)

Quarterback Alex Smith (University of Utah)

Leo had so much fun. Lenny said everyone was so nice and happy to pose for photos. (Maybe one day the owner will be nice and change the name of team?)

Meanwhile, in Portland, Lisa had finished her chore. I have a very small box of photos and documents to scan. Lisa kept only a few things. Lucy managed to talk her mom into more than a few things.

In the evening family (Renee and Carla) gathered for Rosh Hashanah dinner on our deck. Since nearly no one eats much/any meat these days, my delicious, traditional, brisket was out of the rotation this year. Honey Roasted Salmon was served and everyone had a fillet. And a few flutes of champagne.

Always apples and honey

Always a round Challah - loaded with raisins

Always carrot coins

New this year: potatoes gratin

Greens and Parsley with figs and red onion in viniagrette

Honey Roasted Coho

Butter cake with apricot filling

And someone had a few Cheetos

Until my next update, I remain, your "Happy New Year" correspondent.