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Lucy is Walking

Los Angeles, California: When we last saw Lucy, two weeks ago, she was walking just a bit - if braced by a piece of furniture or holding hands with an adult. What a difference two weeks makes. Lucy is walking like it is her job. There are many falls, of course, and many tears, but Lucy is walking more than she is crawling.

Lucy looks so odd walking. At 14 months, Lucy is SO SMALL - 17 pounds - she looks like an infant who can walk. She is very wobbly, yet completely determined to walk and does not want help from anyone. Lucy is clearly thrilled she can walk.

I can do it myownself, Bubbe!

Shirley and Martin sent Lucy a book about London and after opening the present (this took about ten minutes, with the gift wrap being torn into 1000 teeny pieces), Lucy carried the book (seen in the above video) around the house for an hour.

Today was the official "Halloween Decorating" day at Lisa and Lenny's house. Bins were gathered from the garage, spooky decor was extracted and placed along the front walk. Unfortunately, the weather was not at all autumnal in Los Angeles. It was so hot! (Who wears sunscreen while decorating for Halloween?) The scary (plastic) decorations can be displayed, but the pumpkins cannot be carved until the day before Halloween or they will become a mushy mess.

Leo is creeping around the walkway to the porch. Ghosts, headstones and a skeleton emerging from the earth. Spider webs, giant spiders and eerie lighting to greet trick-o-treaters.

Leo also has a set of fake vampire teeth. They are adult-sized, but this does not stop our Little Dracula from wearing the teeth to put great fear into his grandfather.

Oh. Dear. Lord. Leo has learned how to cross his eyes.

Until my next update, I remain, your scared-not-scared correspondent.