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Lucy is One

She's already driving

Los Angeles, California: Our day was non-stop and completely filled with fun and a lot of love. First thing, Lisa, Lenny's Mom and I went with Lucy to her music class. (A music class for a one year old is lots of clapping, maraca-shaking and dancing.) The class was quite fun and at the end everyone sang Happy Birthday to Lucy.

Next up was Dave and I fetching Leo from school and taking him to his swim class. We had 15-seconds between these chores so stopped to Tomato Pie for a slice of heaven.

Leo is progressive in his swimming, and his breathing technique is going well. He is having trouble with getting his bottom and legs up and following behind his body. He will figure it out.

Later in the afternoon, family and friends gathered in Lisa and Lenny's garden and dined on Lucy's favorite foods: quiche and watermelon - plus appetizers and a huge Israeli salad.

We are quite an attractive bunch

After dinner, Lucy was presented with an adorable pink cake - baked by her Momma. Lucy has no idea what a cake is, but she was super excited to have this gorgeous thing delivered to her tray.

But Lucy didn't really know what to do with her cake.
She just started removing the red sprinkle hearts and eating them.

So Lisa cut a slice and Lucy chowed down. Good girl. Lisa also made a larger version for Lucy's guests. The cake tasted like butter - which Lisa said was the primary ingredient.

The Happiest of Days! Little Lucy is now one. A healthy and beautiful child - growing everyday in a world filled with love.

The party is over - time for bed.

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.