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Lamb Sausage Pizza

Another snowy Sunday; another delicious pizza. Today I was really craving a spicy lamb pizza, so I headed over to New Seasons Market and picked up a handful of their Mediterranean Lamb - actually their version of lamb meat loaf. This mixture includes natural lamb from Umpqua Valley Lamb, ground and mixed with huge cloves of garlic, sun dried tomatoes, herbs, kalamata olives and feta cheese. We enjoy it often. It would be perfect for my pizza.

Tonight I made a pizza dough using a combination of white and whole wheat flours, plus a little semolina thrown in, with extra virgin olive oil, salt, water and yeast.

Dough is rolled out, brushed with a little olive oil, then a little tomato sauce

First layer is mozzarella cheese, followed by a little of the browned lamb sausage

Yummy artichoke hearts are next with a little fontina cheese on the top

The dough is puffed and the pie is ready for the oven

After five minutes in the oven

Just out of the oven. Eleven minutes at 500 degrees on a pizza stone


Continuing with the Mediterranean theme, I also served a tasty Greek Salad