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Jimmy Buffett Retrospect: Las Vegas Edition

Here is a little trip down Memory Lane. Well, it is only a trip down Memory Lane for me... but I thought it might be fun to post photos from some of the Jimmy Buffett concerts we have attended in Las Vegas over the years. Sad thing is, there were many years where there is no photographic evidence we were in attendance. (Don't forget... in the olden days - before everyone had a camera in their phone - it was strictly forbidden to bring a camera inside the concert venue.)

Party in the Parking Lot: 15 April 2000. My Mom and Mary. It was their mutual birthday. We were in our RV's at the campground at Circus Circus, having a pre-concert cocktail. Mom had just survived her first bout of cancer with a successful stem cell transplant. Mom wanted to celebrate. But Mom & Dad didn't want to go to Jimmy Buffett, they wanted to see Kenny Rogers. Mom was on the phone with The Lovely Lisa talking about how she was so excited to "go to Kenny Rogers on her birthday". Lisa was horrified. Lisa had no idea Kenny Rogers was a singer. Lisa thought her Grandma was all excited about going to dinner at a Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant.

True story.

And here we are, later that night, at the concert. This is the oldest concert photo in my collection - 15 April 2000. Mary, Steve, me, DT, Kathy & Woody. (I had to scan this photo - it has been in a frame on our bar for 10 years!) Sad thing? I gave that skirt to Goodwill just a few months ago - it was just too big for me.

Dang, I loved that skirt.

2000: The closest I will ever be to my favorite singer.

In 2001, our friend, Matt joined us in Las Vegas. He went to the concert with us, but I think the purpose of the trip was actually golf. The boys played Desert Pines the day of the show. A very memorable night too - Matt and I each made over $1000 playing blackjack in about ten minutes at the same table. That was fun.

Unrelated photo: 22 August 2002. We are a bad influence on our child. We took her to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday (and Jimmy Buffett wasn't even in town - and did I mention it was August?). Jaime flew in from North Carolina, Lady Katharine flew in from London and The Lovely Lisa flew in from Washington, DC.

Seriously, what kind of loser goes to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday with her parents?

This photo also needed to be scanned, though from the quality, I can tell it was a digital photo. Obviously taken from a room in the Bellagio Hotel. Circa 2004. Lisa was out of college and working in Boston. She flew to Las Vegas to see Jimmy with us and I flew back to Boston to see Jimmy at Fenway Park with her in September.

Here we are - 2005 - in our motorhome in Las Vegas as we were heading out to the first of two-nights-in-a-row Buffett concerts. I am wearing my favorite lei. Lisa gave that lei to a complete stranger at a concert a few years later and I still have not forgiven her miss that pretty lei.

In 2006, DT's Big Brother Billy and our sister-in-law, Ginger, joined us in Las Vegas for an unforgettable weekend. Even I can't forget we saw Blue Man Group and Jimmy Buffett in one weekend. This was the year we were introduced to the truffled blue cheese potato chips at Wolfgang Puck's place in the MGM Grand Hotel.

Fins to the left, Fins to the right

2007: Lisa is now living in Los Angeles and has made friends with Lily. This was Lily's first Buffett concert. Look at those cute little hula girls with their fins up!

In a completely strange random happening, we ran into Lily's parents and little brother outside of the Bellagio Hotel last Sunday! (Lily's parents have practically adopted Lisa and have her for Shabbat and High Holidays in Los Angeles when we fail her as parents, which, as you can plainly see, is quite often.)

2008: Angela, from Athens, enters our life. The Gorgeous Greek Goddess was so excited to attend the concert with us, she had orchid leis flown-in from Hawaii as my birthday gift. This was also the first year Lisa arranged fabutabulous seats through her office. It is good to have a daughter in "the business".

Especially one who is so good to her Momma.

Phins Up!

Until my next update, I remain, your nostalgic correspondent.