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I’m Not Leaving the Hotel

Dallas, Texas: I'm hunkered down. It is seriously too cold for this Princess to go outside and there is no reason to go outside until I hop on a shuttle bus to the stadium for the game Monday afternoon. Everyone I know in practically the entire world is here at the Gaylord Texan, which has plenty of activities, shopping, spas, restaurants, bars and coffee shops to keep me happy.

In the daylight, we noticed a theme to the "art" in our hotel room - cowboys. I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box - had to stare at this piece over the sofa for quite a while. A windmill? A faucet? Metal flower? Ah ha - a spur!

The "ocotillo plant" is made of braided lariat rope.

Cowboy (or cowgirl?) boots over the bed.

This morning, we took a long walk to see the hotel in the daylight, and since the property is enclosed in it's own climate-controlled dome, we didn't need to go outside in the freezing temperatures.

The Gaylord Texan hotel is huge. After walking around for an hour or so, I think we have our compasses straight and should be able to find our room again.

Since the Oregon football team, coaches and staff are staying in the hotel, the Gaylord Texan went to quite a bit of trouble to let any guest know which team they are rooting for in the game Monday. Oregon "art" is everywhere. Even the elevators are covered with the little gold football (representing the 0 in 2015 below) from the official tournament logo. We met friends for lunch at the massive sports bar.

It was a typical Vegas-style sports bar (in Texas) with the typical unhealthy sports bar menu. Dave, wanting to keep his trim figure, ordered something from the "salad" section of the menu:

Frito Pie was listed as a salad on the sports bar menu. I mean, seriously - there are a few red onions scattered over the top. Salad? DT said it was delicious, but went back to the room to chew a few antacids.

Burp. Kathy, Woody, Steve and Mary flew to Dallas this evening, checked-in, and we all met for dinner at the Mexican cantina. I ordered a margarita. Everything is big in Texas!

FOOTBALL NEWS: Freshman Duck wide receiver, Darron Carrington (oh-he-who-caught-two-touchdown-passes-in-the-Rose-Bowl) has been smoking a little reefer and failed a random NCAA drug test... so Carrington will randomly not be playing in the national championship game. And, while I'm on the subject of rules - due to NCAA regulations, Ohio State gets to practice more than the Ducks this week because classes are not yet in session at OSU. GOSSIP: We saw - and spoke with - Kenjon Barner in the hotel lobby this evening. Yes, I know he is a professional football player now... but to me, he is a Duck track alum. Always will be. Love me some runners. GO DUCKS!

Until my next update, I remain, your Dallas hotel lobby correspondent.