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I forgot to tell you…

Los Angeles, California: I may have failed to mention that for the past week Lisa and Lenny have been on safari in Africa. Oops. Just slipped My Little Brain. Lenny's parents have taken care of Leo (at Leo's house) last week and today they fly home to DC and we take over Leo's care until Lisa & Lenny return next week.

Tag-team Grandparenting.

The African (photo) safari had been planned for quite a while. Long before Leo made his appearance. With Leo under the loving care of his grandparents, the kids are able to travel (though they miss Leo terribly). It is an interesting choice of holiday: Lisa is terrified to fly - especially in little planes - and Lenny is terrified of snakes and bugs. Africa (and all her teeny bush planes and all her critters) would be the last place I would have figured Lenny & Lisa would venture.

I would be wrong.

Our Girl, who hates to fly, received her first passport at 3 weeks of age. Born in The Philippines, Lisa had been on four continents before she was five years old.

And now the brave little thing is flying around Kenya and Tanzania in teeny little planes and landing on dirt strips! And, look, she is smiling! Lenny has yet to encounter a snake - but they have seen lions, giraffes, elephants, a cheetah, monkeys, birds and all sorts of other "deer-like" creatures. Though at remote safari camps, the kids have phoned us every day and have sent quite a few photos. They have even face-timed (video chatted) with Leo several times. Apparently the Wild African Savannah isn't quite as untamed as one would think.

Elephant in Tanzania

So we headed-over to El Lay this afternoon to relieve Lenny's parents and settle-in to care for the Cutest Baby Ever for the next week. We are excited for our task, but know there is a reason babies are born to young people: young people have more energy.

Lisa asked that I text her tons of photos of Leo. I try, Dear Reader, I try. The kid is a moving machine and there isn't a camera fast enough to capture him. Usain Bolt runs in slow motion compared to Leo.

Typical photo of Leo

For his snack this afternoon, I made Leo a (organic blueberry) jam sandwich. I think this is the first time he had tried a sandwich. Didn't want to ruin the experience for him, by explaining it will be a whole-nuther world when peanut butter is added to the equation. Just a few more months and Leo can try peanut butter. He is not yet allowed nuts or citrus and a few other things that we will hopefully remember over the next week. So far, knock on wood, no food allergies known for the Little Guy.

I brought the left-over Hot Sour Soup from last night for Grandpa and I to enjoy at dinner. I also brought the left-over rice, which I stir-fried with an egg for Leo. Just like his momma, Little Leo chowed-down on the rice and scrambled egg. Filipino fried rice is still one of Lisa's favorite breakfasts.

A little peeled and seeded cucumber was offered to Leo. The cucumber was really cold and I think it was refreshing for the poor guy who is constantly teething.

He's like a giant these days. All 23 pounds of him.

Until my next update, I remain, your caretaking correspondent.