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Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Benbow, California: Happy November! Though it was cloudy and cool this morning in Benbow, by the time we drove north a few miles (in a car) to Humboldt Redwoods State Park, the sun was shining. Another beautiful day - and what a beautiful part of the world. Yes, we have been here many times before and will no doubt visit many more times. It is a pretty amazing experience to stand under massive ancient trees.

Our first stop - of course - was to a drive-through tree:

Woody had to pull his mirrors in, and even with that, it was a tight squeeze in his Jeep. Fun times!

Next stop was to the Visitor Center where the first motorhome is on display:

Built by nature conservationist and bird caller, Charles Kellogg, the Travel-Log went all over the country - driven by Kellogg - as he told audiences of the beauty of the Redwoods.

We went on two short hikes in the park today and I snapped a zillion photos. I will post way too many below.

Kathy in front of a massive redwood

3rd-biggest Redwood in the park

Redwoods in black & white

Fallen tree - they usually fall in wind storms, and often topple several other trees when they fall

Once they fall, it can take up to 400 years for a redwood to decompose

Mushrooms & Clover

Fern frond

Beautiful trail through the Founder's Grove

Many of the trees showed damage from flood and fire - but they are still alive!

The forest floor was covered with ferns, and they were also growing out of fallen trees. Beautiful.

We stayed in the Redwoods until mid-afternoon, when we went into the huge metropolis (kidding!) of Garberville for lunch. Garberville is a strange little town - lots of cute shops and restaurants, but tons of folks on the streets that were in need of a bath and a haircut. Not homeless people necessarily, but travelers of the backpacking/hitchhiking variety. Hippies. Friendly happy hippies.

We happened to be in town on market day - farmers had set up their stalls to vend fresh produce and there were also a few craft booths on the town square (top photo above). We had a nice sandwich and came back to the RV park. DT and Woody played 9-holes at the Benbow goat track Golf Course. Kathy and I rested.

Dinner was divine. Woody and Kathy have three wonderful son-in-laws and #3 son-in-law, Greg, is a forester in real life, but a fisherman on his days off. Greg keeps Kathy & Woody supplied with fresh and smoked salmon. Tonight, we enjoyed Greg's catch-o-the-week:

Woody cooked the salmon on a gas grill. He roasted Brussels Sprouts in garlic and olive oil in the oven. A rice/quinoa pilaf was also offered. Thank you, Dear Friends for a lovely evening and thank you, Greg, for the delicious salmon.

Until my next update, I remain, your Redwood correspondent.

RV PARK: Benbow RV Resort - We have a large paved premium pull-through site with 50-amp service. This park has wifi, a pool, laundry, a golf course and is connected to a lovely fine-dining restaurant at the next-door Benbow Inn. We are paying $50 per night.