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Hubby’s Home!

It is a smart man who goes out of town during a kitchen remodel. Imagine coming home to a completely different kitchen? How nice (for him)! DT being away the past two weeks made it easier on me too as I didn't have to fret about feeding him. I didn't even fret about feeding myself. (Potato chips and beer is dinner, right?)

But, with the kitchen remodel basically finished, I was most anxious to put a nice dinner on the table when DT returned this evening... even though he was delayed until 9:30p. Perfect night for a pot of my famous Tortilla Soup. Super easy, nutritious and it can be made ahead and reheated just before serving. It is also easy to prepare this recipe using only organic ingredients.

Welcome home, honey

So, you may ask, what was his reaction to the new kitchen? Well, he has been receiving photo updates for the past 16 days via email... so he wasn't completely surprised when he walked into the new kitchen (back hall and lower stairwell and hall). He said, "I liked our blue kitchen better."