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Home Again

Congratulations to Barbara - of Creswell, Oregon. Yep. Oregon. Barbara's name was drawn from the pool of correct answers in our "how tall is Haystack Rock" contest. I thought it was a bit ironic that Barbara will be receiving a gift basket filled with products from her own state... which I will send to her home in Oregon. I bet she just can't wait! How rare - Hazelnuts! How different - Marionberry Jam! Thank you for playing, Barbara... and maybe you should buy an Oregon lottery ticket this week as well?

We left the foggy grey coast, drove over the coast range to the hot and sunny Willamette Valley to deposit the very dirty Magna Peregrinus to her enclosed storage garage for the first time since early November 20th. So sad and I do not see how we will be camping again for several more weeks. Waaahhh. Many projects scheduled at home.

However... we don't necessarily need to be here to tick chores off our list. We arrived home to find the window washer just finishing cleaning the windows. They look fabulous!

While we were away, Brad and his crew refinished our front steps. They look fabulous!

While we were away, Brad's crew refinished the back deck. It looks fabulous!

While we were away, the mower-dude came by with his tractor and mowed our field. Guess how it looks?


We don't even need to be around for the work to continue on our casita in Indio!

The pavers are down and they look fabulous!

Still, there are few projects that need our personal attention. DT is still working on finishing-up details from the Olympic Trials. I really need to clean up/out my office. Closet. Garage. Refrigerator. Car.

So... I am taking a "three-day weekend" from writing this little website. Y'all have a great weekend!

Until my next update, I remain, your fabulous correspondent.