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Here we are

Eugene, Oregon:  Even though we are "on the road", I am keeping this as a blog post and not a "Postcards from the Road" post because we are only two hours down I-5 from home. We are in Eugene for two reasons.

1. To have a lube/oil/filter/etc performed on the Magna Peregrinus. It's just like going to Jiffy Lube..except you have to add a couple of zeros to the price and it takes three or four hours. I think we still get a free newspaper though. And a cup of coffee.

2. The NCAA Track & Field Championships just happen to be in Eugene this week!

Isn't it freaky how the planets align so often in our favor?

And so, the Magna Peregrinus is released from her cage. For two weeks she has waited for us to rescue her from the dark confines of her storage unit.

Sweet Freedom!

We hitched-up the Honda and drove two hours south on I-5 to Coburg. We are now parked/camped at the Cummins Coach Care Center in Coburg, awaiting our 8a appointment. Cummins provides 50 amp electric and water hook-ups for their customers waiting for service (or for customers who need to be here for several days) free of charge.

Woo Hoo!

Here we are at Cummins. Lined up with our fellow campers, waiting for one of those big bay doors to open in the morning and accept our home-on-wheels for pampering.

This evening, DT and I were guests of Elizabeth & Vin Lananna (head of Oregon Track & Field) at a cocktail reception at their home for NCAA officials, track coaches and various track celebrities. (We have no idea why we were included on the guest list.) It was a lovely affair, with delicious foods, Oregon beers, Oregon wines and a fun time for DT and myself as we caught-up with old friends and colleagues... i.e. DT's buddies from Eugene08. Plus, we talked with DT's college coach, the legendary Bill Dellinger.

Until my next update, I remain, your inebriated lubricated correspondent.